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One of a few home brew shops in the London area specialising in beer, cider and wine making. 

Situated between North Cheam and Cheam village in the London Borough of Sutton, on the last stop of the 93 bus from Putney Bridge, with free parking available outside, the shop is the destination for anyone interested in making their own wine beer or cider. Cheers has always been more than a shop, also a place to come for advice on any aspect of the craft, somewhere to come for inspiration and direction, whether as someone entirely new to the art of brewing or an old hand.

We sell an extensive range of Beer and wine kits, quality malts and hops for full mash brewing and all the necessary equipment needed to make your own beverages that rival the commercial product at much less cost.

At Cheers we regularly run a variety of involving and enjoyable courses including making wine from Italian grapes, and Traditional Cider making as well as our popular as ever practical mashing courses. If you would like to know how to make beer from malt and hops why not join us in Practical Mashing.

You can sign up to our newsletter, register to comment on our blogs, ask questions in our forum or to buy goods online. Please check out our online shop. We can be contacted here directly or if you prefer please phone Paul in the shop on 020 8644 0934.

Check out our Practical Mashing information page. Also there are blogs on some of our previous practical mashing events which we have held. Check out May Mashing 2013 and AprilMashing 2013 as well as Practical Mashing May 2012 from way back when. Check back regularly for updates on when our next sessions will be held. We are hoping to get up and running with a Practical Mashing event in the early autumn.

Our community forum is a good place to find information. It is becoming more and more active. If you have got any questions that you want definitive documented answers too then please ask the question on the forum. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and the question thread information will be available for any visitors in future.

Featured products

American Amber Ale Beer Kit

American Beers Amber Ale beer kit has all the hop attitude of a pale ale with the extra dimension of added caramel malt character. American Amber ale is a Pacific North West beer style packed with Pacific Jade NZ and Cluster and Summit USA hops which give this beer a hard hitting spicy pink grapefruit and juicy pine flavour to mingle with the caramel and toffee malts. Dark Ale brewers yeast strains enhance the malty notes in this beer kit. Try this if you like Doom Bar Bitter! This home brew beer kit contains 3.6kg of hopped malt extracts and additional hop pellets. These American beer kits contain all the ingredients you need to make 40 pints of 5.4% abv American Craft Beer.

Bulldog Brews Evil Dog American IPA Craft Beer Home Brew Kit

Makes 40 pints, no need for brewing sugar, just add water to brew.

California Connoisseur Barolo 1.5L 6 bottles

A deep wine with a robust flavour. Great when served alone, with roast meats or strong tasting cheese.

Italian Demijohns

*** COLLECTION ONLY *** Traditional Italian glassware like large old Chianti bottles. Come in a selection of sizes.