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Better Brew India Pale Ale, 2.1kg 40 pints

The Better Brew IPA is the perfect drink on the boat to India as well as in your back garden.

Better Brew Irish Stout, 1.8kg, 40 pints

Deep brown/black colour, solid creamy head, taste of roasted malts with a touch of roasted dark chocolate malt.

Better Brew Midland Mild Ale, 1.8 kg 40 pints

A classic brown ale with a malty palate and moderate hops.

Better Brew Northern Brown Ale, 1.8 kg 40 pints

Smooth, relatively dry and with a brown amber colour. A nutty aftertaste with a hint of fruitiness.

Better Brew Yorkshire Bitter, 1.8kg 40 pints

Golden chestnut colour, a hint of sweetness and with a slight nutty taste and a creamy head.

Better Brew Czech Pilsner, 2.1kg 40 pints

Refreshingly hoppy Czech style pilsner.

Better Brew Export Lager, 1.8kg, 40 pints

A very well balanced, medium hopped classic lager.

Beermaking kits from Better Brew contains the best liquid malt extracts and the best yeast strains from across the world. This is homebrew taken to a new level - make professional beer at home from a kit! Better Brew homebrew beer kits from Hambleton Bard.