Making white wine from english grapes

Posted: 3 years ago Quote #17
Last Saturday I visited your shop and you kindly advised me on the equipment I would need to make white wine from my grapes at home. Having purchased this and returned home, I have read your colleague Richard Burns' guidance notes.

I have a question, please. You do not seem to advise using yeast to assist fermentation. Is this correct, assuming I haven't frozen my grapes ? Would not a small amount of yeast facilitate the fermentation starting ?

I would be very grateful for your comments.

Posted: 3 years ago Quote #18
I will say definitely do use a proper wine yeast, and don't trust what ever is growing wild on the grapes to do the job properly. Even in the long established wine growing regions of the world, wine yeasts tend to inhabit wineries not vineyards. It is from wineries that the packet yeasts will have been collected for culturing. So I firmly advise you to use some, not just to get the fermentation going, but also to ensure that it finishes successfully.