rhubarb wine

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anybody got tips for rhubarb wine, sugar and fruit quantities for a 5kg batch?.
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5Kg of rhubarb? or do you mean 5 Gallons (an FV), or 5 litres (a DJ)?

most advice is to pick the rhubarb in late spring/early summer, when the stalks are fully changed colour from green to pick/purple.
then chop into 1cm pieces and freeze.
at this time of year, the poisonous oxalic acid in the leaves is returning down the stems into the root, so it's not advisable to be harvesting rhubarb now that the temperature is dropping.
There are other threads on rhubarb wine, with recomended amounts (I can't recall off the top of my head how much I used).
a forum search for 'rhubarb' should find suitable threads.

hope it goes well.
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Just to add to what Martin said. Here is some further useful information about Rhubarb wine.


1.5kg rhubarb (only had 1.3kg for this first one)

1.3kg brewing sugar (used slightly less)

~240ml white grape juice concentrate (used wilko’s)

1 sachet general purpose white wine yeast

1 tsp yeast nutrient



Washed rhubarb stalks and chopped into small chunks (~0.5cm), added them to a fermentation bucket and added sugar. Closed lid and left for 3 days.

Used a stick blender to juice rhubarb and strained into another sanitised bucket, pushing spoon to strainer to squeeze as much out as possible.

Made this up to 4.5 litres with boiled water and cold accordingly until it was below ~25C. *Take gravity reading here* Added pectolase at this stage, along with yeast and yeast nutrient.

Moved liquid into a demijohn and left to ferment.

Rack into bottles when finished and clear.

(suggestion: leave to age for 2+ months if you can wait)