chocolate malt drink + hops

Posted: 3 years ago Quote #43
I've got quite a quantity of this stuff in the cupboard having found it cheap at b&m, around £1.50 / kg IIRC. once i had got home and give the kids a drink each I noticed it tasted rather malty.. turns out to be 44% malt extract. So i'm wondering if a couple of Kg with "some hops" and 500g of dark malt extract might make a reasonable chocolate stout..... having ALL of my demijohns currently empty i'm almost willing to try anything at the moment
Posted: 3 years ago Quote #44
Got to be worth a punt for a single DJ, but I wouldn't go bigger than that. Not sure what effect the milk solids would have on it, as well as the other additives.
I do love a good experiment though, especially when someone else is doing it