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Brewferm Abdij Abbey Beer, makes 9 litres, 8% approx. ABV

Dark brown, full-bodied with a malty flavour. A divine beer requiring long maturation.

Brewferm Ambiorix, Amber, makes 15 litres, 6.5% approx. ABV

An amber (red-copper) in colour Belgian Summer Ale with A Red copper tint.

Brewferm Christmas, Dark Strong Ale, makes 7 litres, 7.5% approx. ABV

A dark, strong, heavy-bodied Belgian beer is sweeter than the Abbey style beers, with a strong malt flavour and aroma.

Brewferm Diabolo, Golden, makes 9 litres, 8% approx. ABV,

Fiery gold in colour with a soft flavour and a high alcohol content: a devilish beer!

Brewferm Framboos, Raspberry Beer, makes 12 litres, 5.5% approx. ABV

Refreshing beer with a delicious but delicate aroma. Perfect for hot summers or as a surprising aperitif!.

Brewferm Grand Cru, makes 9 litres, 8% approx. ABV

A gold coloured beer with a subtle “herbal” aroma and a full, malty flavour with a light fruitiness.

Brewferm Kriek, Cherry Beer, makes 12 litres, 5.5% approx. ABV

Copper coloured, slightly acidic, but sweet tasting cherry beer with fine aroma and full head.

Brewferm, Oranje Bock, Bock Beer, makes 12 litres, 6% approx. ABV

Dark brown with a pleasant, mild bitterness

Brewferm, Oud Vlaams Bruin, Dark Brown, makes 12 litres, 6% approx. ABV

A very aromatic dark brown beer, with liquorice overtones and a medium alcohol content.

Brewferm Belgium Beer Kits

Brewferm brings you a unique range of beerkits for brewing Belgian beer at home. Why Belgian beer? Belgian beers are renowned worldwide for their high quality, the extensive range and the delicious full taste. Who is in a better position to surrender Belgian recipe secrets than a local producer?

Twenty-five years of experience in Belgian homebrew kits guarantees high quality and 100% natural ingredients, which you, the home brewer, will enjoy with relish.

Brewferm beer concentrates have already undergone the major part of the brewing process. Just before the final stage this process is interrupted and the liquid is reduced by evaporation until the beer concentrates are left. All you have to do is add water and sugar to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 litres of beautiful natural beer.

Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than the average beer kit to achieve a higher alcohol content and subtle Abbey beer style flavours.