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Coopers Ginger Beer, 1.7kg 40 pints

A traditional flavoured ginger beer with a hint of spice and plenty of bite, sure to quench the deepest thirst.

Coopers Irish Stout, 1.7kg 40 pints

A rich, dark brew displaying coffee, chocolate and licorice aromatics, roasty bitter notes with a dry finish.

Coopers Lager, 1.7kg, 40 pints

Distinctive and refreshing to the taste, Coopers Lager is produced using the finest Australian premium malted barley and Tasmanian hops.

Coopers Pilsner, 1.7kg, 40 pints

A pale straw coloured beer with a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma.

Coopers Real Ale 1.7kg, 40 pints

Coopers Real Ale displays a solid head and a distinctive, full-bodied flavour and soft, fruity character.

Coopers Stout, 1.7 kg, 40 pints

A fine example of the robust, full-flavoured Stout family.

Coopers Brewery Limited, the largest Australian-owned brewery, is based in the Adelaide suburb of Regency Park. Coopers is known for making a variety of beers, the most famous of which are its Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale. It is also the world's largest producer of homebrewing equipment. Its shares are primarily owned by the extended Cooper family, and the company's constitution and classes of shares makes it difficult to sell shares outside the family.