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Festival Premium Golden Stag Summer Ale, 3kg, 40 pints, 4.5% approx. ABV

Bursting with citrus hop character and very refreshing dry bitterness

Festival Premium, Father Hooks Best Bitter, 3kg, 40 pints, 4.5% approx. ABV

Big Malty body with wonderful orange marmalade character, the malts are perfectly balanced with hop bitterness.

Festival Premium, Landlords Finest Bitter, 3kg, 40 pints, 4.3% approx.

Classic Pale Ale, biscuit malt tones layered with subtle fruit character and earthy undertones. A real session ale

Festival Premium, Old Suffolk Strong Ale, 4kg, 40 pints, 6% approx. ABV

Woody Character comes through with a good level of dryness and well balanced sweetness

Festival Premium, Pilgrims Hope, 3.5kg, 40 pints, 5% approx. ABV

Complex flavours of tropical fruit and pine needles in abundance, big and malty with perfect hop bitterness

Festival Premium, Pride of London Porter, 5.2% approx. ABV

Perfect hop bitterness balanced with the smooth character of the chocolate and roasted malts.

Festival Premium Ale Beer Kits

These Festival Kits are super,  easy to brew and require no additional ingredients or enhancements. This range of kits delivers premium quality beers, the likes of which have never been available in kit form until now! Each kit has been based on popular beer styles from around the UK and each uses only the finest ingredients available to ensure only the very best results are achieved.

These festival kits are super, easy to brew and require no additional ingedients or enhancements.