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Geordie Bitter, 1.5kg 40 pints

Geordie bitter is a traditional well-hopped bitter with the rich nutty flavour that real bitter drinkers love.

Geordie Lager, 1.5kg 40 pints

Geordie lager is a light, refreshing beer with a tangy continental taste.

Geordie Scottish Export, 1.5kg 40pints

Scottish Export, with the rounded taste and distinctive aroma of Scottish Beers.

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter, 1.5kg, 40 pints

Yorkshire Bitter, light in colour with the slightly sweeter taste and fuller body favoured in Yorkshire. It has a creamy head and a full body.

Geordie beer kits contain all you need to make 23 litres of beer, just add sugar and water. Fermentation time is around one week and there is then another ten days approximately for maturing before your Geordie pint is ready to drink. Beer making kits made easy.