Kenridge Classic Pinot Grigio 10 Litre 30 bottle Wine Kit

Kenridge Classic Pinot Grigio - A crisp lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice. A premium white wine kit, containing 10 litres of pure varietal grape juice.Takes 4 weeks to produce 23 litres/30 bottles.Includes wine labels.

Makes 30 Bottles (23 Litres)

Timeless, elegant and inspiring. Wines to complement your most memorable moments

Every KenRidge™ Classic wine kit produces outstanding quality wines with distinctive flavours, bouquet and character using only the highest quality varietal grape juices and premium concentrates You will be proud to serve KenRidge™ Classic traditional varietals and blends to family, friends and discerning wine connoisseurs.

Each 10 litre wine kit produces 23 litres in as little as 4 weeks and comes complete with 30 professionally designed wine bottle labels.