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Cara Malt Warminster Malt

Cara malt is excellent when used for Brewing lagers. 30-37° L. Imparts a light flavor and pale red color, contributes dextrins, and adds to foam stability.

Caragold Malt Warminster

Very light Crystal malt from Crisp Maltings. Adds body, colour and mouthfeel.

Castle Malting Belgian Special B

The lightest in colour, this malt is well modified and can be easily mashed with a single-temperature infusion.

Muntons Munich Malt

Well-modified two-row malt developed specifically for the production of Munich ales. Munich Malt has a malty sweet flavor characteristic and adds a reddish amber colour to the beer.

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Torrified Flaked Barley

This grain is used extensively to promote head retention in Bitters. Recommended for use in recipes where a good firm head is required.

Torrified Wheat

This grain is used extensively to promote head retention in Bitters. Its use is definitely recommended in all recipes where a good firm head is required.

Warminister Crystal Malt

Crystal Malt is the most widely used coloured malt in the UK and is a standard constituent of a typical ale grist. Primarily known for its colour control, offering adjustments to the depth of the golden red hue during mashing

Warminster Amber Malt

A very rare British Malt. An interesting alternative to crystal malt in bitters and outstanding in dark ales.

Warminster Black Malt

Produced by intense roasting of pale malt. The preferred darkener in sweeter Stouts and Porters and can be used for minor colour adjustments in other beers too.

Warminster Brown Malt

Brown Malt has a mellow roast character, cheeky bitterness and acrid finish. A malt of choice for many dark brews, especially porters and stouts.

Warminster Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Malt uses are in darker beers like well known stout where it is used together with roasted barley to produce a more mellow less bitter taste.

Warminster Flaked Maize

Derived from corn kernels, this cereal gives a delicate corn taste to beer if used sparingly. Its use is beneficial for clearing purposes due to its low nitrogen content.

Warminster Lager Malt

Grainy flavour, lightly colored. Excellent for blonde recipes.

Warminster Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt

This malt is the primary ingredient when brewing a pale ale or bitter and is made from the highest quality barley available.

Warminster Mild Ale Malt

Mild ale malt is used in the formation of brown and mild ales. It is kilned darker than pale malt and produces a sweeter wort

Warminster Roasted Barley

The darkest of all grains and intensely roasted. Its slightly bitter burnt taste is used often in Irish type Stouts. Can be used to darken various beers.

Warminster Pale Ale Malt

Warminster Maltings : Pale Ale Malt - Available whole or crushed.

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