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May Mashing 2013

Perfect day for May Mashing

If I only I had the same luck in picking Lottery numbers as I have had up to now in picking days for Practical Mashing! The 26th May dawned sunny and warm, the perfect early summer day. In fact everything was pretty near perfect; I can’t imagine it could have gone any better. When we arrived Julie, who was doing the catering, announced that it was so good outside she’d decided we’d have a barbecue. Well it’s not going to happen every time, but what a great idea.

Thanks for all the appreciative comments I received at the end of the day and afterwards. “You guys make it look so easy” I was told, well it is really, once you get you head around it. Anyway, the beer we made on the day, ‘Pete’s Premium Pale’ will be ready and in the shop from Saturday 22nd June. So if you were there do come down and see how it turned out.

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