Practical Mashing Courses


Today’s beer kits are really excellent and allow you to make first rate beers in a broad range of styles at home with minimal equipment. However you may be thinking there must be more to brewing? Beer has been made from the basic ingredients, malted barley and hops, for centuries. It is a traditional craft which can be done on a small scale, at home, with simple equipment. Come and join in on a Practical Mashing day and see how it can be done. Practical Mashing courses are aimed at new brewers and anyone interested in beer.

It’s Practical

- The day centres on making a beer up to the point of pitching the yeast to begin fermentation. We mash the malted grains to make the sugary ‘wort’ which we boil with the hops to make what will become beer. Everyone who attends gets the chance to get involved at close quarters, this is much more hands on than watching a video on you tube!

It’s Educational

- We begin with a talk on the making of beer, covering everything from what the ingredients are, how the process works, to how we actually do it. And if we’ve missed anything there’s plenty of opportunity to put questions to the experienced brewers who host the Event.

It’s a Social Event

- It’s also a fun day and a good occasion to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds who come together to learn more about the wonderful thing that is beer.

A good lunch is included with the ticket.

Practical Mashing Hosts

  • Paul Evans -Began all grain brewing as a teenager back in the seventies and has learnt much about the craft since then. He now runs Cheers, the brewing and winemaking shop.

  • Carl Grigg - A Real Ale enthusiast and brewer of many years experience.

  • Pete Hughes - Is a very enthusiastic amateur brewer who now also does it for his day job, working as a brewer for the Mighty Oak Brewery in Essex.