About Us

Cheers is unique and special, one of a few homebrew shops in the London area for the enthusiasts of wine, beer, and cider making of all kinds. Cheers as it is now, was started in 1997 by Richard Burns, though there had been a home brewing shop on the same site for many years previously. Richard has inspired many over the years.

The Shop

Situated between North Cheam and Cheam village, on the last stop of the 93 bus from Putney Bridge, with free parking available outside, the shop is the destination for anyone interested in making their own wine beer or cider. We sell an extensive range of Beer and wine kits, quality malts and hops for full mash brewing and all the necessary equipment needed to make your own beverages that rival the commercial product at much less cost. More than a shop Cheers has always been more than a shop, also a place to come for advice on any aspect of the craft, somewhere to come for inspiration and direction, whether as someone entirely new or an old hand. Cheers has run several involving and enjoyable courses including making wine from Italian grapes, and Traditional Cider making. If you would like to know how to make beer from malt and hops why not join us in Practical Mashing.