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Woodforde’s Admiral’s Reserve 32 pints (3kg)

Admirals Reserve is a very popular strong ale with a rich sweet nutty flavour and substantial fruity aroma.

Woodforde’s Headcracker, light barley wine, 24 pints (3kg)

Headcracker is a golden barley wine with an abv of approximately 7% which whilst being pale in colour is strong and full bodied in flavour.

Woodforde’s Nog Porter 40 pints (3kg)

Nog is a dark ruby red full bodied beer with an abv of approximately 4.6%.

Woodforde’s Sundew 40 pints (3kg)

Light golden coloured beer with a delicate floral aroma and a taste that is mellow and dry.

Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge 36 pints (3kg)

Nelsons Revenge is a golden amber bitter with an abv of approximately 4.5%

Woodforde's Wherry Bitter 40 pints (3kg)

40 pint real ale kit (3kg) Only priming sugar and water required to make. Approximate ABV 4.5%

Woodforde’s has now been brewing beer for over 30 years. They are passionate about using only the very best ingredients in their beers: ancient water from beneath the brewery; Norfolk Barley; and a diverse array of whole hops that give the beers both the flavour and aroma.